Two Miscarriages at 6 Weeks Pregnancy

Patient: Hey,i was 6 weeks pregnent and had a miscarriage on december 19th 2011 after 3 days continous spotting. I had my mentural cycle on january 22nd 2012.then i concived immediately after my cycle ,and when i was 6 weeks pregnent i again had spotting and had a miscarriage…..i am not able to understand what the problem is….i am very much worried…can anyone please help me with this issue, i want to understand and have good medication and take advice before i concieve in future.

Doctor: Recurrent pregnancy loss is a heart-wrenching experience for a parent and I understand your concern. Most cases of early pregnancy loss (termination of pregnancy before 20 weeks) are unrecognised.There can exist more than 1 cause of early pregnancy loss. Genetic factors (aneuploidy, mendelian disorders), immunologic causes, anatomic problems, infections (TORCH group), endocrine and environmental causes  have all been known to cause pregnancy loss. Most spontaneous miscarriages are caused by an abnormal karyotype of the embryo. Recurrent miscarriages may result from recurrent chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo which is not inherited or a structural abnormality inherited from one parent. I would advise you to consult your doctor for further examination and evaluation. If a suspected genetic cause of miscarriage is thought of, the standard of care is to offer genetic counseling. Because advanced age increases the risk of an abnormal karyotype in a conceptus, amniocentesis is routinely offered for all pregnant women of advanced maternal age, which is defined as women older than 35 years. I wish you well, and hope I could answer some of your queries.