Two missed periods and a negative pregnancy test

Patient: My last monthly period was april 15th 2011. They are always regular and I never miss one. For the last two months I’ve missed both periods and I’m displaying pregnancy symptoms, morning sickness, painful breasts etc and should be around 9 weeks however urine based pregnancy tests are coming up with nothing only on the clearblue plus tests does it show a faint positive line which appears to be gradually getting stronger. The thing is with my first pregnancy (my son is now 6) the exact same thing happened I couldn’t get a positive until I was nearly 10 weeks gone. My doctors don’t seem to be doing anything other than say wait a little bit longer but as you can imagine its very frustrating!! Is there any other steps that I can take to confirm this pregnancy as my own gp doesn’t seem to be doing anything!!

Doctor: A faint positive line might as well indicate a positive pregnancy test and the gradual increase in its strength shows in creasing levels of pregnancy hormones. However you may ask your doctor for a blood test, which is very accurate, for the confirmation of pregnancy.