Two weeks after knee scope, not getting better!

Patient: Hi, I had a scope after a year long reoccurring injury in my right knee. The Dr said post op that I was to have full weight on it, my knee gave out instantly, causing me not to be able to walk normally. It’s been almost two weeks and the pain has not gone away, I can not bend my knee, walk on it hardly at all, and the swelling has not gone down, in fact gets bigger as I stand and try to walk. At my post op appointment my Dr was very in and out not listening to my questions or my concerns and told me to resume normal activities. It’s hard to do that when I can’t get around. I have been known to react weirdly to different things. This is my first surgery. I’m just very concerned and don’t know where to go at this point. Please help!

Symptoms: Swelling, pain, it tends to feel like it’s burning, can’t walk, lots of pressure