Two weeks post knee arthoscopy

Patient: Hi i had a knee arthoscopy 2 weeks ago, the dr found a large discoid meniscus he did a saucerization. and he found a large plica. the undersurface of the patella was very thing. the plica was removed. i am now 2 weeks post up. with severe swelling ,severe pain, and i am unable to walk. i started pt and therapist said my flexation is only 90 degrees and -12. my question is why cant i walk. dr dont know either i made a appt to see him. knee is very unstable. please helpknee still is very swollen. and diff color

Doctor: You have only 2 weeks after the arthroscopic procedure and still are expected pain, swelling and limited flexion, it is s not recommended 100% weight bearing in that leg either yet. The process ahead is long, progressive and you have to be patient and  consistent with the Physical therapy program so you can regain range of motion and muscular strength in your knee, the PT also will help you to control pain and swelling. When will you be able to begin weight-bearing?,  it’s up to your doctor to decide when and let you know how; please you may call him and ask an appointment for follow up and discuss those issues that worry you.