Type Diabetes and microalbuminuria

Patient: Hello. I am a 29 year old South Asian Male. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with type 2 diabetes and 3 years ago with hypertension. I am 5 10 and weigh 165 lbs and am active. This has puzzled my doctors has they’re not quite sure why i got both so young despite being thin and in good shape despite my genetic predisposition. Both diseases run in my family but i’m the first one to get so young. My father has had both since his late 40’s. My mom has been diabetic since age 60 but does not have hypertension. I currently take two 500mg Metformin tablets once a day and one 150 mg Avapro for hypertension. My blood sugar has been under good control since starting treatment My HB1AC’s have been between 4.8-5.8. Last one was 5.3 My bp has been mostly normal and only a few spikes where it was 130 over 80. Recently my doctor ordered a microalbumin test and it came back high. Mine was 3.6 where the normal was 0-1.8. He said not to worry because my microalbumin creatinine ratio was normal 17.4. Lab range is 0 to 30. However, he said maybe the diabetes is causing this. I’m confused because i thought if my glucose and bp were well controlled i shouldn’t be having complications so soon. ALso, i read on the web that the microalbumin creatine ratio range for men is lower and is actually around 17 so i feel like I’m borderline. Do I have renal involvement so early and if so what should i do? Thanks