October 18, 2018

What Types Of Sugars Are Bad For You?

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Sweets are always a favourite, especially to children. You may remember your childhood days that were filled with sweets and candies. Even more so today, we have a very wide choice of sweets to treat you and your family. But, it is wise to choose the “good” sweets and trying avoid going for the “bad” ones as there are some sweets better than others.

How to Find the Good Sweets
This is not an easy question to answer as sweets can be healthy for one person and unhealthy for another person. Generally, when you view sweets from a health point of view, only those sweets that do not cause any health problems, give good amount of nutrients in addition to the lovable taste and likeable flavours are treated as “good” ones.

But, when you want to buy sweets for your family, find out the true ingredients that are used to make it and make sure that it does not contain any sweetening agents. These are not good for your health. At the same time, find out the nutrition value of the sweet preparation as a wholenot per portion size, including the calories, the sodium percentage and the value of vitamins.

Sweets are made with man-made sugar, manufactured and refined from sugar cane, sugar beets or from other natural sources like fruits and vegetables. The sugars form part of carbohydrates and are available in almost all the items we eat but in varying quantities with different properties. Some of the most common sugars that come under the category of monochaccharides are:

• Glucose
• Fructose or fruit sugar
• Galactose

And some of the well known disaccharides are:

• Maltose
• Lactose
• Sucrose

We need to give sugars to our body as they are the suppliers of energy to it. But, if we eat too much sugar then this is converted into fat and deposited at all wrong places, leading to obesity. Most of the sugary foods we eat have much less of a nutritional value as they do not provide any other vitamins or minerals. The sweetness of these foods attracts us the most, yet we lose count of how much sugar we eat. It is important that we train our mind to lessen the craving for sugar and its sweetness and learn to discover variety of other tastes in our food.

Yet another danger of having too much sugar in our food is that it is highly addictive. We should avoid having as a part of our daily diet and in their place,l we can add healthy sugars like fruit. You can also take unsweetened milk or no sugar added fruit juices to bring down the level of sugar you take.

When you have a craving for sweet desserts after dinner, try to go for some of these healthier snacking options to reduce the effect of excess sugar on your body:

  • Unsalted Popcorn
  • Frozen Banana
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Chocolate Milk and
  • Smoothes

Many of our daily, regular use food items are enriched with abnormal amounts of sugar. Did you know:

1. Half a cup of your favourite tomato sauce contains as much sugar you have in three Oreos, that can affect your liver and pancreas.

2. Some of fruit drinks have 28% more sugar per ounce than that is in Coca-Cola, which can lead to diabetes.

3. Pancakes have more sugar than your daily-recommended value of sugar and can contribute to larger fat deposits.

For a necessary healthy lifestyle, mind what you are eating and take steps towards bringing down the sugar levels in the things you eat.

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