Ulcer on uvula Noticed it 24 hours ago and hurts

Patient: Ulcer on uvula. Noticed it 24 hours ago and hurts to swallow. A little dark red/ black at top of ulcer on uvula. Hurts to swallow. Please help!!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Looks like you have developed an acute infection or inflammation of the uvula and oral cavity that is causing the symptoms and discomfort. Kindly avoid cold food and drinks and prefer to eat warm ones. Consider warm saline gargles three times a day after food. Drink plenty of water and you may also keep your diet bland and less in oil and spice until you recover. You will need to see an ENT doctor for an examination and rule out tonsillitis or any abscess. A course of antibiotics will be needed along with pain killers containing serratiopeptidase.Give rest to your voice.Hope this helped.Regards