Ulcers for 4 years.

Patient: Hello doctor…I’m Vijayanand form India. I’m having ulcer problem for the past years. 4 years ago I suggest a doctor he take me to endoscope test from the result he suggest me to admit immediately, because of exam purpose I didn’t do that, and so he prescribe some medicine for 1 year. after taking that I feel some what better, after one year I stopped to taking that too. whenever I felt hard in my stomach then only I’m taking that. now I completely quit that medicine for the last one year by the food control I balanced that. but now I feel the same hardness in my stomach. now what will I do Doctor… shall I continue the same? or need to go a Doctor? I need your suggestions please…..

Doctor: Thanks for your query.Since you are suffering for 4 years, it amuses me that the endoscopy was not repeated or revie wed.I would suggest you the following:First of all stop all the medicines and get an upper GI Endoscopy done at the earliest for the most proper diagnosis.You also should go for the relevant and routine tests of blood, urine and stool.Ultrasonography and CT scan of the abdomen is suggested.This is important as we should not miss anything.So get going and the treatment should be as per the findings.Continue soft bland small diet 4 times a day.Stress and anxiety are the major culprits, tackle them effectively.I hope this answer helps you.