Ultrasound Cavitation

Patient: Ultrasound Cavitation for fat loss on chinI’m getting married in 6weeks. I have been dieting for 5months to lose baby weight for the big day, and have lost 36 pounds. But I can’t seem to shift my double chin. I’m panicking about awful wedding photos :(I am breastfeeding (not recommended during UC treatment) so have decided to stop for the duration of 12 treatments at the beauty salon, which is two sessions a week: 6weeks.My daughter is 7.5months old, is on solids and takes formula from a bottle with no problems.My question is: I would like to start breastfeeding again after the UC treatment is finished. Is this safe for my daughter? If so, how long should I wait after my final treatment to breastfeed again?(The beauty salon are not sure about this question, all they know is that it’s not recommended during treatment)