Ultrasound shows possible identical twins?

Patient: I am 26 years old and this is my third pregnancy. My daughters were born in February of 2013 and May of 2014. Based on my first ultrasound and my LMP my due date this time around is August 3, 2015.I had an ultrasound done at 6 weeks 1 day to confirm due date. Then the next day I got a call saying they wanted me to come back for another scan next week. I went in for another scan at 7 weeks 2 days.When I went in the sonogram tech said “Why did they have you come back this week? Are you having problems?” I said I didn’t know and we started the scan.Not even 2 minutes into the scan she goes “Oh I think I know why they wanted you to come back. I think there are two babies. I think you’re having twins!”After the shock/excitement/nervousness set it, I asked her to point it all out to me. She showed me where it looked like two and then showed me the heartbeats. She said that there was only one sac, so that these twins would be identical. She did tell me that she wasn’t 100% sure if there were twins or if it were just one baby folded up tight and the umbilical cord was folded and the pulsation of the blood flowing through was the “second heartbeat”. but that it did look like two to her.She scanned for about a half an hour and said that if she measured it a couple different ways, one measured 7 weeks exactly and the other measured 7 weeks 2 days. She did say that this type of twins were very hard to detect this early in the first trimester and that it would be easier to tell a little further along.She said she wanted me to wait while she went and talked to the doctor. They could not decided if there were 2 or just one. Said some pictures looked like two and others looked like one. My next appointment is January 6th and I will be 10 weeks 1 day then. so it would be easier to tell then, so I will ask them to do another sono them. But this 3 week wait is going to be so horrible!I am attaching a copy of the sonogram image that she said looked like two. One on top of the other. Does anyone see two, or am I going nuts? I have been extremely sick and nauseous this time around. 10 times worse than with either of the girls (and I was very sick with them!) Just would like a little piece of mind here….Thank you very much.-Ashley Phillips

Symptoms: Pregnancy, nausea, twins

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Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.It is difficult to comment about the possibility of twins dep ending on just one sonogram image at this early gestational age.In the image one amniotic sac is visible with no membrane in between possible two fetal poles.If the scanning technician was able to make out two heart beats separately at a time during ultrasound, there is possibility of twins.Though your symptoms are suggesting possibility of twins, better to wait till next ultrasound to come to one conclusion.Take care.