Umm i have 2 questions actually; 1) i’m a 15

Patient: Umm i have 2 questions actually; 1) i’m a 15 year old girl and i’ve pubered 4 years ago, yet my body shows less than that… Is it a hormonal problem? How can i fix this? My sister and mother weren’t like that.2) i really can’t seem to fill my body with a little weight, though i eat like an elephant, i only get thinner, is this normal for me? Can you suggest a suitable basic diet plan or something? Thankyou.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.When you go through puberty, your body will be building the body by using up a lot of pr oteins as the building blocks. This is a normal reaction. Because of this using up, there is a increase of metabolism.I advise you to have a healthy diet. The diet will help you to build a healthy body shape. Ensure that the diet has 60:30:10 ratio of carbs:protein:fatThis is an optimal ratio and you will be able to gain weight well. Also, exercise for 30 minutes every 2 days. Be patient and do not worry if you do not gain weight till you are 20 years of age. This may be normal.Hope this helps. All the best.