Unable to conceive, possible pcos

Patient: My daughter is 17 and had two miscarriages in less than a year. A Dr recently diagnosed her with pcos. She has cysts on her ovaries but no excess hair and not overweight. Her periods are typically 30-35 days apart. She and her husband have tried to conceive for 7 months with no luck. Could there be another reason besides the pcos that’s causing her issues?

Symptoms: Ovarian cysts, miscarriages, infertility

Doctor: Hello,At 17 years , she is still in her adolescent age group where the reproductive hormones have not mature at all c ompletely , so its actually unfair to plan for pregnancy as she may experience missed abortion or early trimester abortions which she may have had, due to immaturity of hormones. PCOS per se is not a deterrent to conception but it can cause delayed ovulation or an-ovulatory cycles most of the times. But the concern is maturity of hormones.It is best advised that she should delay her decision of pregnancy by 2 years at least till hormones mature or at least stabilize and make her womb and environment more conducive for conception. Frequent pregnancies and abortions are again detrimental for future pregnancies as they may decrease its chances in future, so adequate rest to the uterus is also important.I hope i have answered your query,regards