Unable to decide on starting birth control

Patient: When do you recommend someone start using birth control; like only if they know they are going to be having sex often or before even having sex in case they do sometime? I just don’t know how to determine if I should get birth control. Any information or advice on birth control would be helpful. Also, once on birth control should you still use a condom or is it okay to go without?

Doctor: You should start using birth control once you decide on becoming sexually active.  I would suggest that you consult your r family doctor for an assessment, and to discuss all possible side effects, contraindications and precautions before you start the pills. Your doctor will also be able to advice you on many different things such as taking the pills at around the same time every day, what to do in case you miss 1 or more pills etc. Birth control pills help prevent pregnancy, but they do not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases, so condoms should be used for further protection.