Uncertain/Early Pregnancy and Wine

Patient: My husband and I are not on birth control, and had sex closer than I would like to my fertile period (I wasn’t showing signs of cervical fluid, but I did 2 days after). I have had drinks on multiple nights since then (nothing too excessive–3 glasses of wine being the most). Anyway, I guess I want to make sure out of an abundance of caution that if I am pregnant the alchohol is not affecting the baby yet. I did searches online and it seems like it would just effect the implantation at this early stage, and until the 3rd week, but again, I really want to make sure.

Symptoms: Possible pregnancy

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The consumption of alcohol in such an early stage of a possible pregnancy might not affe ct the baby. It could have an effect on reducing the chances of implantation, but not any on further growth of the baby or organ formation. Only chronic continued use of alcohol in early trimesters of pregnancy will have an effect on the baby. It is unlikely in your case. Even if you conceive, follow up of scans will give us an idea. I do not think there is any need to worry with 3 glasses of wine.Hope this helpedRegards