Uncertain if misoprotol worked

Patient: Hi…im leilah from kenya africa ,,,,im 20 and five day ago i took misoprotol pills to induce an abortionsince in our country it is illegal to abort i took information from the internet and administered the dosage myself misoprotol 200g i took 4 pills and placed them under my tongue and took four more after three hours and four more again after another three hours…i took twelve pills in total and after an hour i started to bleed(after the first dose) and had minor cramping…after the second dose i saw some tissue though b bleeding was light,,,,after the third one which i took at 3:00 am i fell asleep and on waking up found that i had bled alot …in the bathroom while changing my pad a sac fell on the floor,,,should i assume the abortion is complete?…..and my greatest concern id that ive hardly bled from then…i panicked and orally ingested to misoprotol pills on Thursday .there was some slight bleeding but it stopped on the same day…should i be concerned? i’m really worried because i have no one to ask

Symptoms: Some minor cramping and extraordinary hunger pangs

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is unfortunate that you have attempted an abortion on your own without medical help. This amounts to a lot of complications. There is an overdose of misoprostol as well and you must not have used this in this way.Since you have no clue whether the abortion is complete or not and we cannot ascertain the same with just a description from the patient. You will have to see a gynecologist personally and ask the doctor to keep it confidential. Get an ultrasound done, if it is legal in your country, to check whether the abortion is complete, if incomplete you will have to undergo a dilatation and curettage to remove the remaining products of conception. Do not hesitate any longer to see a doctor, else you will end up in dangerous complications. Do take care of your health.Hope this helped.Regards