August 16, 2018

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Uncertainty of pain normality

Patient: I luxated my left patella about 3 weeks ago but didn’t know it was luxated until 2 weeks later with an x ray and an ER doctor relocated it, or so I hope, and today, one week later, a trauma doctor took off my splint and told me to start excercising the leg little by little and start relying on it as well but I’m not sure if one week is enough for the patella to have been glued back together properly enough for me to start relying on it again and my question is if it’s normal for my knee to feel rusty and hurt all around when I try bending it further than it lets me, especially a throbbing pain on the right side of my knee (your left) that I feel is caused by swelling and may be dangerous to bend it or support on my ankle if there may be some ligament fracture…is it normal?



Symptoms: Throbbing rust-like pain on the left side of my left knee after patella relocation





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