Unclear about my daughter’s medical treatment…

Patient: My daughter keeps having an episode where her right eye swells up and she coughs. She has always had allergies (she is now 9) She had a minor incident in August of 2013 which Benadryl cleared up immediately. Once she was brought to the hospital in 2013 (October 2) and a second time in 2013 (October 22.) I made an immediate appointment for her to see her Pediatrician and they recommended an Allergist. In November she had testing done which eliminated any thought that she might be allergic to triggers such as peanuts. The Inhalant Test was done on November 13, 2013 and revealed she had allergies to Grass (Bahia, Timothy), Weeds (Ragweed, Pigweed, Dock-sorrel Mix), All Molds, Dust Mites, Cat and Dog. She did not have allergy to peanuts (we requested that that be checked because they eye swelled once after eating peanut butter and jelly. Before testing the allergist/immunologist/asthma specialist prescribed an epi pen (due to the concern about the peanuts), Singulair, and albuterol if there was wheezing. After testing he concluded that my daughter DID NOT respoond to Bronchodilator Therapy. Specifically his determination states “NORMAL SPIROMETRIC VALUES indicate the absence of any significant degree of obstructive pulmonary impairment and/or restrictive ventilatory defect. Bronchodilator therapy was administered followed by repeat spirometric testing. Post-bronchodilator testing failed to demonstrate a significant change in FVC, FEV1 or FEF 25-75. This indicates this patient may not benefit from continued Bronchodilator Therapy.He prescribed Singulair as needed. I would like to know what your opinion is of this diagnosis. And also if I should take it any further as she still has the issue with her eye swelling and an obvious allergy that is triggered by something we can not pin point. My ex-husband took her to a Nurse Practitioner at a Pulmonology office and insists that she should constantly be on Singulair (I do not disagree with that part during allergy season as it seems this happens between August – October)…but he is also giving her Asthmanex and wants me to give it to her even though she does not have breathing problems. All of her PFR are normal.What do you think I should do? I do not want my daughter having unnecessary medication in her body. When she was an infant she had enlarged breasts which was diagnosed and Precausous Puberty. At that time they warned us against steroids.Any information you may offer me would be greatly appreciated as I would like to put this situation to rest and follow a plan that will benefit my child, clearly find out why her eye is swelling, and manage this accordingly.What are my rights as far as getting information from the doctors that have seen her? How can I go about asking for a detailed report of what they are basing their findings on? And can I request a letter from them asking them to clearly outline the treatment each doctor feels is necessary to treat my daughter’s specific condition?Thank you

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is not only your legal right to request any information pertaining to your daughters tre atment without any recourse or resistance from the doctors. Furthermore, it is your legal right to obtain the entire medical file of your daughter, should you decide to seek the opinion of another doctor. If you meeting difficulty in getting your daughters medical reports, you are within your rights to take legal action.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com with your medical query.