Uncomfertable clustering of bumps on back of tongue, started

Patient: Uncomfertable clustering of bumps on back of tongue, started around a week ago didn’t really think much about it until the uncomfortable feeling lasted into the next week.So I observed the back of my tongue and now see that there are clusters of larger bumps.I have been drinking a lot of seltzer lately insteas of water & I drink it very fast…can this be the cause of the irritation?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for posting your query to ask the doctor for an opinion.The clustered bumps which you are seeing at t he back of your tongue are the filiform papillae of the tongue which have become inflamed and hyperplastic or thickened. This si probably due to constant irritation of the bitter buds of taste which occupy the posterio-medial location of the tongue. Carbonated drinks or seltzer drink can be a reason for such inflammatory hyperplasia of the taste buds or filiform papillae of tongue . They can often cause pain and difficulty in swallowing of they become obviously large.Hence if is suggested that you should avoid seltzer drinks for atleast 2 weeks so that the allergic inflammation reaction can subside and to initiate a speedy recovery you may additionally opt for an antihistaminic like cetrizine 5mg twice a day for 5 days. If the symptom doesn’t subside in a week then you may visit your physician for a swab to culture and rule out any infection which can then be treated with an antibiotic course.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you speedy recovery,regards