Uncomfortable and painfully large labia

Patient: I’m 16 and I’m too scared to consult a doctor in person, my labia is really big and it’s constantly uncomfortable and sometimes painful, i can’t wear certain trousers and underwear because of it but i wanted to know is there anything the nhs can do or any doctors? Other than it being uncomfortable and painful, I also feel ashamed about it and although I’m not sexually active now, I feel that I wouldn’t want to be due to embarrassment.

Doctor: Labial folds may or may not be symmetrical and the inner folds may sometimes be bigger than the outer folds. These are n ormal variations of a woman’s body and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if your labial folds are big. Pain in the labia is however not normal unless there has been physical irritant/ trauma such as rubbing, scratching etc.I can understand that with certain kind of clothing the labial folds may look prominent and this may deter you from wearing these clothes and make you may think of your labia as imperfections. But as you grow older you shall realize that what you perceive now as imperfections may actually make you more attractive.Your body is still growing and evolving at your age. Learn to accept and embrace these changes.You can definitely speak to a gynecologist regarding the same. You may also consult with him/her about the pain in your labia and get yourself examined. That should definitely remove any doubts regarding any abnormality from your mind.