Uncontrolled Diabetes – Is my husband busy dying?

Patient: My husband (Age:35) has diabetes and he is bettering his lifestyle but his health continues to get worse. He has lost a total of 30kgs in the last year, he lost a muscle by his armpit and has now extreme pain and swelling in his right forearm and can no longer perform sexually. He refuses medical attention and won’t listen to my advice. I am scared that he is busy dying. Can you please tell me what you think is happening? Maybe if I can show him that he seriously needs medical attention I can get him to a doctor.

Symptoms: muscle wasting, weight loss, pain, swelling, impotency, mood swings, sensitive skin, diarrhea

Doctor: The problems are multiple and complex.Untreated Diabetes is a silent Killer. The high sugar levels slowly, but steadi ly damage the internal organs. His loss of libido (medical term for sexual arousal and activity) is probably due to ongoing damage to the nerves by uncontrolled Diabetes.Weight loss of 30 kgs is an alarming sign. I cannot believe that it is intentional, particularly in a person with so little concern for his health. The weight loss could be due to Diabetes itself, chronic infections or other serious causes which need thorough evaluation.The extreme pain and swelling in the fore arm that you are describing is due to “cellulitis” (Infection of the tissues underneath the skin).He will need immediate medical help, proper management of sugars and antibiotics for his infection. Untreated, these things can turn nasty very fast.Take care, with proper medical management, I am sure he will recoup his health very fast.