Under my knee I have a graze where I scraped

Patient: Under my knee I have a graze where I scraped my leg off a chain. After 3 weeks it is still swollen and bruising keeps appearing slightly lower down on my leg. The leg was still yellow after 2 weeks. I will send picks of what it looked like once I did it

Under my knee I have a graz...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and a clear picture.This swelling looks like bursitis of the knee joint and looks as it t he trauma was just below the knee cap.I would advise the following:- Consult an Orthopedic Surgeon for clinical evaluation, actual examination and investigations like MRI for getting the proper diagnosis and treatment.I hope this answers your query.

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Patient: Ok thank you very much, that does help alot

Patient: Now just need to persuade my mom to take me to doctors even though highly unlikely as don’t see dad much so he won’t take me

Patient: I have looked it up and on pics the lump is on the knee but this is under?