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Underage usage of expo boost

Patient: I am 16 years old and run varsity cross country and track. I really need a boost to get ahead of my competitors and found some epo products that people said would increase my endurance. I bought two products. Trifuel and epoboost. Will these products do anything for me? and is it safe for me to take the epoboost because it sais “not for those under the age of 18”.



Symptoms: Get tired on runs and have to drop back because i do not have good enough endurance



Doctor: These products do carry risk.Epo products, when taken in high enough doses can cause permanent damage to the kidney and effect essential kidney function.The problem is, unlike prescription medication, the toxic dose is unknown and highly variable from individual to individual. In some individuals, it may take months of use to cause damage while in others it may be a single dose.It is strongly advised to not use EPO products for endurance enhancement.

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Patient: is there any supplements that would help running distance? any supplements that would keep my legs from feeling weak and tired and prevent cramps that would be safe for a 16 year old to take?

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