Underarm redness and itchiness after whitening treatments

Patient: Dear Doctors. I’m from the Philippines. Female, 27 years of age. my questions is regarding on my underarms. After done with peeling session, my UAs getting worst and woRst. I Applied hydrocortisone cream two days after i applied green peeling oil because it says in the instructions. thats to prevent redness and itchiness. Peeling Started after on my fourth day.I’m happy then coz its for real. But my underarms are reddish then. I still applying hydrocortisone cream on iT I felt burning sensation Even after applying HC.and my UAs are still reddish. Seller said to me that dont apply anymore the HC instead use powdered deo. Which I did. And the burning sensation gone but still its reddish. Then day by day I’m applying powdered deo but this time my UAs are itchy so itchy then I put a liitle hydrocortisone cream which I believed it can cure itchiness But now my UAs arE even worst. The Whole peeled area are so red and emboss and itchy.

Doctor: I think you should consult a dermatologist for the redness. Stop applying anything to your underarms because it might do more harm than good, in short, it might only darken your underarms rather than whitening it. You may having some inflammation or an allergic reaction from the several agents you have applied on your underarms. Again, I suggest for you to see a dermatologist as soon as possible so the redness can be reevaluated and perhaps another treatment regimen can be started. I hope this helps.