Understanding Semen Analysis Results

Patient: Hi,my husband did a sperm analysis and i would like to understand the different things mention about his sperm.His motility is progressive at 30% with PH 8.0.Appearance:Whitish fluid with mod viscosity and count: 105 million per ml.His microscopy:Leucocytes +,red blood cells +,epithelial cells +,agglutinated forms + and cellular debris +.Can you please explain to me these different results

Doctor: Thank you for your query.The semen analysis has to be done with 3 to 5 days of abstinence preferably to have accurate results. First you got to confirm whether it was done according to the stated criteria otherwise the analysis may not be accurate. Leucocytes, cellular debris, epithelial cells, agglutination are all normal in the semen analysis report unless & until the concentrations of these are more than the normal limits. Presence of agglutination maybe because of immunological problem wherein the spermatozoa get adherent to one another, low concentration of motility maybe due to long period of abstinence or an inherent problem, high concentrations of leucocytes, epithelial cells, RBC’s,cellular debris high pH of 8.0 maybe due an infection, which has to be cultured to see if there is a need for medical aid.Hope that answers your query. Have a goodday.