Underweight and feebleness problem. General weakness

Patient: Sir.I am a 20 yr old guy with 6ft ht and 52kg weight.Also i suffer from dullness and feebleness.I have consumed nav paurush capsule which helped me to gain weight but after dicontinuing them I was again back to my previous condition.Plz help me to put on some weight

Symptoms: Dullness,hard stools,feebleness

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Some people have a very high metabolism leading to rapid weight loss.Your weight should be around 70-75 Kgs considering your height.I will advise you to start consuming more of protein to build a good muscle mass, which is a healthy way of gaining weight. You should target 100-120 grams of protein a day. This combined with regular weight training will help you gain weight. Once you fix the gym schedule and start going regularly, there are lots of supplements such as Endura Mass Gainer, or Whey Protein supplements which will help you gain weight in a healthier way.Hope this was helpful,Regards