Uneasy stomach, dizziness, itchy scalp….how can I get diagnosed? Whom should I see?

Patient: My Problems:I am having an uneasy feeling in stomach after eating heavy meals unlike before. But it happens sometimes even without eating like when I have green tea with honey. When I have this uneasy stomach; I also feel my head is heavy, dizziness. My scalp is itchy. I want proper root cause analysis / diagnosis done to know what is the problem I’m suffering from. So I can get proper treatment. I have been to dermatologist and general physician. Who else should I see?

Symptoms: Urticaria/dermographism, lower back pain, dizziness.

Doctor: You need to visit a Gastroenterologist to rule out the possibility of Acid Peptic Disease. An Upper GI Endoscopy would a lso help to assess any Reflux Esophagitis (swelling of the lower esophagus due to acid reflux from the stomach- upwards), Gastritis (swelling/ erosion of the Stomach wall), H.pylori infection (a bacteria found in the gastric mucosa, commonly associated with persistent hyperacidity). Unhealthy lifestyle, including irregular food habits, eating junk food and lack of physical exercise, all contribute to such condition. Avoid smoking and binge drinking. Instead of 3 large meals, try six small meals in a day. Avoid spices and fried food items. The scalp itching could be an unrelated condition like dandruff or a dry scalp, for which a Dermatologist would be able to prescribe you appropriately. Good Luck!