Unexpected bleeding at vagina,fever,pain at vagina.

Patient: Hi I am samia 21 years old.I do the sex with my boyfriend last 28/01/2015 and my period was held 31/01/2015.i can not take any pill.my period completely ok after next 2-3days. but from 7/02/2015 some bleeding start from my vagina.I feel some pain in my vagina and i have fever (100-101C)and cold.at 9/02/2015 my bleeding was stopped.but pain and fever was remaining.main problem from today morning (11/02/2015) my bleeding is again start.bleeding is very light (just 1-2drop).I see bleeding when i go to toilet for the urine.Is it serious problem?now what can i do?please answer me immediately.

Symptoms: Unexpected bleeding at vagina,fever,pain at vagina

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.You have a pattern of inter menstrual bleeding which could be due to many factors like ov ulation bleeding, implantation bleeding, polyp in the cervix, Polycystic ovaries, endometrial hyperplasia, precancerous cervical cancer, and pelvic inflammation or vaginitis.Kindly get an evaluation from a gynecologist to rule out the above causes. The doctor may wish to rule out pregnancy as well and treat you accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards,