Unexpected Weight Loss but feeling great

Patient: I am a healthy active 57 year old male. I had a minor heart attack six years ago and have 2 stents. Since then I have felt great. Active and full of energy every day. I am 6′ 1″ and my weight has been 185 to 188 pounds for a very long time. I do not weigh myself very often though. Recently I hopped on the scale and my weight was 179. It has been months since I weighed myself so I can’t offer a time frame. Over the past 3 weeks I have maintained my normal diet and my weight has been between 178 and 181 so I do not appear to be losing any more. My appetite seems normal and I feel great. I have been out of work and under some stress but we are getting by okay. I don’t feel as though it has affected me but I guess I have no way of knowing for sure. Could this be some sot of age related adjustment or should I be concerned?

Doctor: Your weight loss is not that alarming considering that you are not having any other signs of chronic diseases. However i n case the weight loss continues inspite of maintaining a normal diet and health lifestyle then we would have to investigate further into what is leading to the same.A large number of illnesses liek thyroid, cancer, tb etc can lead to unintentional weight loss however I wouldnt worry just yet. Like I said keep a check on your weight more regularly now and see whether it is decreasing any further. All the best.