Unexplained symptoms

Patient: I am a 26 year old healthy female. I have been having new symptoms over the past few months of shakiness in between meals, sweating at night, feeling of needles or pins poking my hands and toes mostly on my left side, stiff hands esp in the morning, dry mouth all the time, always hungry, headache, irritable at times, fatigues, weakness, and dizziness, and lack of focus at work. Also I had been taking my Sugar levels and after meals my blood sugar tends to drop for an example before the meal it was 118 2 hours after 84. I sometimes drops to 70s, 60s, or 54 is the lowest. I went to my doctor with this problem and he sent me for lab work. I had to do a 5 hour glucose tolerance test along with other blood test. About 20 min after I drank the juice I started to sweat and feel like I was going to pass out. I stood up to tell someone and I passed out and hit my head. They sent me straight to the ER. At the ER they ran a EKG and it came back abnormal. So they kept me over night to run a head CT, Echo, bubble test, stress test, AC1 test, and blood work. Everything came back normal and they released me to go see a neruo doctor with a MRI. The only thing that they said was that they could not explain a abnormal EKG and the dont know why I passed out after I drank the sugar juice. I just got the MRI results back and they were normal as well and the Neruo doc put me on neurontin for my headaches. At this point the doctors have not been able to explain my symptoms or the reason why I passed out or the abnormal EKG. I am wondering if I should have a second opition or if I have something going on with my pancreas. What are your thoughts?