Patient: I did the lab test for my spearm i got these results todays ago but i need some one to hellp find out what’s the problem with me. first test volume:2.0 ph8’viscosity normal’apperance normal’wbc(0-1)’ motile 40’sluggish7.2′ nonmoltile 52’spearm count86.6′ total count 173′ normal forms32.2′ second test is volume:0.5 ph8’viscosity highl’apperance normal’wbc(0-5)’ motile54’sluggish11′ nonmoltile35’spearm count110.0′ total count 55.00′ normal forms40 so i couldn’t understand what is this? could you please explain that to me, and what is the best advice for me?.

Doctor: Semen analysis takes inot account several factors to determine fertility. These factors are voulme of semen, motility of the sperm, sperm count, pH (measure of acidity of semanl fluid) and the shape of sperm among other factors. Your values appear to be in the normal range. If the second test was done shortly after the first the values are expectedly lower simply because it takes approximately five days for the testicles to produce mature sperm.