Unidentified penis disease

Patient: It started roughly ten days ago when two tiny red dots appeared on my glans.I’ve had several instances of Candidiasis in my life, so I thought it was it and started using an ointment based on Sertaconazole (it has always helped before). However after five days of treatment nothing changed, on the contrary the dots turned into some kind of redness. The redness hasn’t changed during past three days. I don’t have any sensations because of it – it’s not itching or anything. To the touch it feels different than the rest of my penis. The redness is slightly protruded – half a millimeter I guess.I have just one sexual partner and we’ve never had genital HSV. However my gf recently had shingles – quite a big 4 square inches spot on her back. Is it possible to develop shingles on a penis in just one place?My doctor is unable to identify this disease and he insisted I had to be tested against genital HSV (a dubious proposition given that I’ve had no possible ways of contracting it).You can see two sets of photos here: https://imgur.com/a/8KpxIPlease advise.

Symptoms: Redness on glans