Unintentional Weight Loss

Patient: Hi, I am actually asking this question about my wife. She just turned 45 a month ago, is 5’5″ and with an average weight of 120-124 and smokes a litle less than a pack of cigarettes a day since she was 17. In mid June she was 129 lbs and intentionally lost 7 or 8 lbs for a cruise in July. In the last 6 weeks she has gone down to 117-118 lbs from 122-124 without trying. I know that since our kids have started school again she is up early and to bed late and does run around alot Also, she has cut down if not all but eliminated snacks between dinner and bed and eats the same or slightly less for lunch and dinner. She is no more fatigued than I am at 1130 m after the day and says she feels a littel tired but otherwise feels fine. She looks a little drawn but has no chronic pains issues, coughs etc. She says it is all from stress ( she did drop to 115 about 5 yrs ago once but not since)..I think she should get bloodwork and a check up (yeah, will be fun getting her to do that)..do you agree with me or am I an over worrysome husband ? Thank you so much for your time.