Unique Allergic Reaction Perhaps?

Patient: Day 1: I had old carpet pulled out of my house; dust everywhere from cleaning and carpet removal. Slight cough due to tickling in throat. Poor sleep. Day 2: Small swollen glad near my left ear; under my chin was very swollen. Still occasional tickly cough; poor sleep. Day 3: Developed three dime-sized areas on chin and left lower cheek area, slightly raised; initially looked like cyst-like acne breakout with pressure under skin. One area formed two small blister-like spots but never any kind of head. Day 3, later: Swollen left lip; looked like a fever blister (which I’ve never had before/age 44). Self-diagnosis: Feels like an infection; logically seems related to heavy allergens in air (?); immune system perhaps weak due to lack of sleep. Day 3, evening: Went to urgent care; nurse practioner suggested impetigo, possibly herpes. Got antibiotic shot, oral antibiotics, oral steroids. Question: Reading online symptoms, this doesn’t seem characteristic of impetigo or herpes. Could it be infection related to allergies even though my typical allergic response would be nasal congestion?