Unknown causes of pains in stomach and had two UTI’s this month

Patient: Do I still have a UTI?I have had a UTI at the beginning of this month and got it again last week. Im done with the pills, but I still have some symptoms that I am questioning. Sometimes it does hurt to pee, I am bloated, mild pains in lower stomach, gas, and constant need to pee. Even after I pee, I still feel a little need but not bad. I have been feeling very tired, small headaches here and there. Earlier this month my boyfriend and I got a little intimate but he did not get it in all the way and didnt last more than 10 minutes. I dont know if he had precum, but I dont know if I could get pregnant from precum either anyways… We weren’t wearing a condom. I dont know why I have these pains in the middle of my lower tummy and on the right side and left side. I know left side is because of gas… Help please!