Unknown lump on face

Patient: I have a lump on my face I thought it was a zit so I tryed to pop it but it just scratched.the next day it was three times as big and was red.I thought it was infected so I squeezed it once to see if puss would come out but a clear liquid came out. I applied rubbing alcohol and the next day it was 70% bigger and was very hard ( felt like a scab around it) the skin was yellow and had a red dot in the middle I squeezed it and a small amount of puss came out. Now the lump is still there and the clear liquid endlessly comes out when squeezed. The lump fills up and gets extremely big about an hour after I drain it. The middle of it were the liquid comes out does not look like a hole just a strange lump of scratched skin.What is this ? And how do I get rid of it?