Unknown Skin Disease/Possible Immune System Disorder

Patient: This isn’t for me, this is a question to help my mother.For about a year or two, she has been suffering from an odd skin condition which starts out as either blisters of various sizes (severe attack) OR numerous red bumps of various sizes. And once the worst subsides, she is left with marks that resemble burns. As if someone took a cigar to her skin.The worst possible reaction ends up with her mouth swelling up and her throat swelling, but those are rare, it’s mostly the burn-like rashes.We discover new triggers all the time, so there are even more triggers than we know of.She used to work in a company producing plastic bins and such, so she has been exposed to chemicals to produce plastic products. Also, I’ve noticed her first attack happened during an extreme body cleansing (I believe that she weakened her own immune system by doing that, but I don’t know for sure…)She has been tested, and she has been tested for the common skin diseases (i.e. Skin cancer, Psoriasis, Herpes, etc.) and has been cleared. Doctor’s claim it to be contact dermatitis, but I am not convinced. I have seen dermatitis and what she has looks nothing like it.She is in near constant pain, this is getting quite depressing for her. So, I am making an effort to try and help however I can. I have taken pictures of the marks during and after an attack.Does anyone know or have seen this before?

Symptoms: Sudden wave of heat before an attack, bright red bumps of various sizes that leave burn-like marks afterwards, sensitivity to multiple substances

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