Unplanned pregnancy and exposure to OCP,antibiotics and radiation

Patient: My name is Falak and i stay in Dubai. I have a 19 months old baby and just lately i discovered i was four months pregnant. I have had history of irregular periods and i presumed that i missed 2 months, but when i went to the doctor i was told that i am almost 4 mnths pregnant. The problem is i have not taken any care during the first 3 months of conception, i had a minor injury on my ankle and had antibiotics and xray. Besides that i had a throat infection for which i was given another set of antibiotics and had a chest xray. I’m concerned that this would affect the health of my baby and the doctors here cannot tell anything. What do should i do ?? How do i find out if the baby would be fine ??

Doctor: I can understand your concern and worry. Since you have been exposed to both antibiotics as well as xray radiation there is a small but positive risk of the child developing some problems. The way to find this out would be to closely follow up on ultrasounds as well as other genetic testing through the use of amniocentesis. A close follow up during the pregnancy is recommended. All the best.