Unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex

Patient: Hi there, I’ll try and make this as short as possible.Three months ago in November I had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a woman three times. About 1-2 weeks after exposure I experienced flu-like symptoms and noticed my first cold-sore in my mouth, so put the symptoms down to that. But, after googling I began to believe I had something more serious. About a month later I experienced more genital related symptoms:-testicle pain, which has been infrequent (5-6 times over the past two months, but is pretty painful when it happens)-a very small white bump on my penis knob, which went away within literally a day. (No pain or itching)-a small red spot/rash just below the tip of my penis, with no itching or pain, has been there for a bit over a month-clear, sticky, semen-like discharge on 4 occasions, firstly in early January all the way to today. Definitely not yellow.- more frequent sharper pains around my penis knob, maybe 2-3 times a week, which last 20-30 seconds. (Not sure if it’s in my head or actually occurring)- mucous in stool and abdominal pain which lasted around a week, think it might have been due to stress over my condition looking backThese are my main symptoms, no tiredness or bad rashes or anything like that as far as I’ve seen. I’m extremely worried that I could have HIV, but I was only her second and the sex was protected on all three occasions (surely I would have noticed if the condom broke?).I’m planning to visit a doctor this weekend, but I would love if you could tell me what you believe my problem is, just to get me prepared, as I am very nervous. Could it be HIV? If not, what STD seems most likely? Could it be a UTI, yeast infection, reaction to the condom, or could it all be brought on by my anxiety (these past few months I have googled a lot and given myself pretty bad anxiety)Anyway, I know you may not like speculating, but if you could tell me what you believe the most likely conditions are, that would be amazing.Thank you so much.

Doctor: Thanks for your question.The transmission of HIV in your scenario is very unlikely. HIV is one disease where the sy mptoms have no role in its diagnosis without the substantiation of a positive HIV result. Apart from HPV infection (STD) which can occur even having protected sex. I don’t see any yeast or UTI there.Hope it helps