Unprotected sex 5 days ago but I have cold/flu-like symptoms

Patient: Hi,since its 3:00am in the morning, i`ll write as it is still monday 26th. I had unprotected sex last wednesday 21st (around 5 days ago). The girl says she is a 100% sure that she does not has an std or more specifically hiv/aids. However Yesterday (Sunday 25th) I started having early signs of a cold. Today (Monday 26th), I noticed a red rash in my back, shoulders, face, chest, upper boday basically. my skin is just turning red. And I also have some dry skin but right now i am in a cold evironment in which im not used to. The girl told me she tests herself regularly and that she always uses a condom except for this one time with me. She also said that she has only been with one guy before me after her STD check, and that the condom was used all the time.I have taken the tetanus shot last week, and my muscle is still sore. Might this be part of a side effect?I am extremely worried it might be an STD or HIV/AID. Please answer me back as soon as possible.Thank You.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Let me reassure you first, the cold sy mptoms you developed, as well as the rash is not indicative of either HIV or any other specific STD. Even if a person acquires HIV, symptoms are very vague and most patients do not manifest any symptom for the first 1 or 2 years of their life apart from a vague fever or swollen lymph nodes in isolated cases.Regarding the rash, again it is not typical of any STD. The only STD where there is a rash is herpes, but that is localised to the genital area.You need to get the rash examined by a dermatologist and proceed, but please do not be worried about HIV or STDs as of now.Hope this was helpful,Regards.