Unprotected sex and cummed inside of me pregnancy chances?

Patient: I recently had unprotected sex , and we think he might have cummed in me . I was on the last day of my menstrual period when we did this. Ive been having weird symptoms so i googled them , and they say they are pregnancy signs . Today , i just went pee and when i wiped it was a bright red / pinkish blood on the napkin. I had a very bad sharp pain on the lower left side of my boob. Ive also been having headaches and some minor abdominal sharp pain. Could this be the start of a pregnancy ? Im 16 years old , and in need of an answer.

Symptoms: Sharp abdominal pain , comes and goes. Pinkish / bright red blood when i wiped after peeing , only happened once so far. Headaches , sharp pain in the lower left side of my boob , near my ribs. Tiredness. Bleeding also when i poop.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Since you say that you were still having bleeding when you had unprotected sex in such circum stances the chances of pregnancy are almost remote. But you have not mentioned about the day of cycle you are on now at present to comment further. One thing you should note is that signs of premenstrual cycle and that of early pregnancy often overlap. But probably these could just be premenstrual cycle symptoms. Since you say that you are having sharp pain in the breast and also abdominal it is suggested to visit the doctor who can do a physical examination & some investigations if required probably do an ultrasound scan to diagnose the reason for the pain. If you missed your period this month and it is already past 7-10 days after the expected date of menstrual cycle, go for a home pregnancy test.