Unprotected Sex and forgot to take Pill

Patient: Hello,I am currently taking the pill. On the 29th Of November I had unprotected sex and forgot to take the pill the next day. I took two pills the following day. I started my inactive pills and got period about 3 days later (10th December) which is when I usually get it. It was a very heavy period with the (terrible) cramps I usually get. Is there a chance I could see be pregnant?Thank you.

Doctor: No , there is no chance of you being pregnant this time as you already got your periods .The only reason for your h eavy bleeding is due to the contraceptive pills you have taken .Ideally your supposed to take the pill within 72 hours of the unprotected sexual act but every one suggest you to take the pill within 24 hours .you dont have to worry about your heavy bleeding , your period will be normal from your next cycle and regarding the abdominal cramps , you can take a anti spasmodic tablet which will give you relief.in my practice or in my opinion I advice women not to take the BCP” as opposed to “, it is always better to use barrier method.