Unprotected Sex and missed period

Patient: Need to speak with a doctor asap! on mar 8 my boyfriend and i had sexual intercourse. it was the first time penetration occurred, he was only about an inch inside…only the head of the penis…,my hymn broke since i did bleed a little and there was no ejaculation…he did it elsewhere, no where near the vagina… if my last period started feb 11 and ended feb 17 or 18 and i have a 28 or 29 day cycle…my period isn’t too irregular it can be a day or two off at most, but never fails to come…. will it be likely that i’ll get my period in a couple of days…since today is mar 11 and hasn’t shown up…? what are the chances of being pregnant? what would you suggest?

Doctor: Since you had sexual intercourse during your fertile period there may be chances that you are pregnant. However since yo u claim that there was no ejaculation into or near the vagina that may decrease those chances .Moreover it is important to remember that a cycle can vary from 28-30 days and thus you must give or take a few days here and there to expect your period. However I advice you to take a pregnancy test 5-7 days after your missed period as thats when the test works the best in detecting the levels of Beta hcg in the urine and thus detecting pregnancy.