Unprotected sex concern

Patient: Hi thereMy name is Ashleigh and I am 18 years old. I have big concern that I may be pregnant but I’m also asking for advice just to put my mind at ease. My boyfriend and I had sex 4 days ago using protection but the condom broke and he ejaculated before we knew. So we went and got the morning after pill within 6-10 hours after. I am also on the pill but i was still concerned. We then had unprotected sex 3 days ago but he did not ejaculate in me. I am now due for my period and I have not had any cramps or symptoms of a period which is starting to worry me. Every now and then since we had sex I have had dark spotting but it is only very light. Is this because the morning after pill has interrupted my period routine? Should I take a pregnancy test at this time? What should I do?Thank you

Symptoms: Small spotting amounts of dark liquid coming out of me

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryIf you have had sex on the day 22 and onwards of a regular menstrual cycle and awaiting yo ur menses in a couple of days, the bleeding is not related to pregnancy and it is due to the pill related side effect most probably. Since you have taken the birth control pills on time and the sexual exposure happened on the safe days of the cycle, there is little that you need to worry about chances of pregnancy. You may take the test now and confirm the same.If negative you can safely wait for a week for your cycles, the cycles may be heavy or less inflow and mid-period spotting are common, these being side effect of the pills.Hope this helpedRegards