Unprotected Sex During Last Day of Ovulation

Patient: On 1126 around 1 a.m. which would of been considered 1127 my boyfriend & I had unprotected sex. He ejaculated inside of me. After this happened I checked my ovulation days & it said I was ovulating but it was only an 8% on 1126 & a 3% chance on 1127. I have been spotting all day on the 1127 & still spotting but it’s really dull now. What are the chances of this causing me to be pregnant since it was only an 8% chance and it happened after 12 a.m ?

Symptoms: Spotting

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comWell if the ovulation kit showed positive then ovulation occurs after 36 hrs if timed daily near the ovulation period.if you are in you ovulation days of 26th and 27th and with unprotected sex ,your chances of pregnancy are bright.In case undesired ,then you could gave opted gor a emergency contraception on advise of your physician.the spotting you are experiencing could either be a break through spotting or secondary to any vaginal abrasions succumbed during the act of intercourse,or could be an implantation bleed as well. The best way to confirm would be to perform a urine pregnancy test after 7 days of missed periods to confurm or rule out pregnancy.I hope i have answrred your query in detail.wishing you good health.regards