Unprotected Sex during Ovulation: The Best Time to do a Pregnancy Test

Patient: Ok so i have Unpertected sex On april 10th and the guy i slept with came inside me. i did not know when i was going to be Ovulating i had no clue. So i came home that night and looked up a Ovulation Calculator and i put all the stuff in right And it said i would be Ovulating On april 9th i dont know if i should worrie or not cuz its to early to even get a test?

Doctor: There is a very real chance for you to get pregnant. If the ovulation calendar says you ovulated on the 9th (that is usually +/- 2-3 days), it means you were fertile since April 7 up to April 11. Different kits have varied accuracies. Try to remember the 1st day of your last period (aka last menstrual period or LMP) and plot it. Count 5-6 weeks from that day, that will be the best time to do a home pregnancy test. Do this early in the morning (first morning urine upon waking up) since the urine is most concentrated. Bear in mind that it is not 100% accurate. You may do it 2 or 3 more times a week apart every time or until your period appears; its up to you. I hope this helps and take care.