Unprotected Sex. How likely am i to be pregnant?

Patient: Hope you can help me. I came on my period 25th May and came off 29th. I then had unprotected sex 1st and 2nd June. How likely am i to be pregnant? How early can i find out if i am? Please help thank you

Doctor: Hello, I understand how anxious you might be about probable pregnancy. According to your question, you had unprotected a t the seventh and eighth day after your menses.In those days, if your cycle lasts 28 days the probability of becoming pregnant is not high, surely your body was maturing an egg but the most fertile days were not reached yet. Let me reassure you that the probabilities are low and I would suggest you to wait for your next menses due date, but if it does not show for a week you definitely need to take a home pregnancy test.