Unprotected sex , nigative test , am i prgnanat ?

Patient: My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex in October(15th) , he didn’t ejaculate inside but he wiped off and continued , then i had my period 12 days late ( in this time i did a home pregnancy test and it was negative ) , but lately i’ve read on the internet that what i thought is a period maybe is vaginal bleeding (spotting ) and the negative is a false negative . on the 14th of December i did 2 tests and both were negative , i had no symptoms but i’m feeling that my stomach is a bit bigger . am i pregnant ??? please help

Doctor: Hello,If you have resumed with your menses , even though delayed by 12 days after an unprotected sexual encounter wit h your partner and moreover the urine pregnancy test is negative both then and even on 14th december, it rules out pregnancy completely.The spotting you are mentioning is called implantation bleed and is seen within 7 days of intercourse and indicates implantation of embryo characterized by light brown discharge and cramps in abdomen just for a day. There is no increased flow of blood during implantation,so that is the basic difference compared to normal menses.Rest assured with negative UPT , you are presently not pregnant.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards