Unresolved Acne; I require some assistance

Patient: There are some bumps around my jawline. Though I have been doing better of reducing acne on my face, these bumps on along my jawline still remain no matter what I try to do. (It is a habit for me to pick on them, so one time, one bump popped and some puss came out. I also am not seeing a dermatologist.) Any advice?

Unresolved Acne; I require ...-1

Doctor: Hello, thanks for your query on A T D.The lesion in the picture is most likely acne. Though acne is one of the commo nest diseases, but it is not easy to treat. Also picking it may cause bacterial infection & pus formation. My advice please consult a dermatologist as treatment of acne may take many months.Meanwhile, you start using Salicylic acid based cleansers.Hope you got me