Unsatisfied sex in bed. because i am ejaculating early

Patient: Premature ejaculation can be prevented or not? i am ejaculating within 2 -3 minutes..

Symptoms: Premature ejaculation during sex

Doctor: Hi Young ManThanks for your query.I have read and understood your concerns as the premature ejaculation has the di rect bearing on all aspects of life. It is not just those 3 minutes that matter but is related to all aspects due to the anxiety and stress one gets.The commonest causes of premature ejaculation are related to the following points:- Biggest cause is the anxiety of performance. This means you may be going into an anxiety about how your performance may be and this is the single thought that can cause this problem.-Disparity between you and your sex partner.-Some medical problems like diabetes, medications for some diseases can cause such a problem.-‘Haste is waste’ the one of the old adage. This fits well in such a situation. You have to slow down with everything related to the sexual activity. For Foreplay, actual intercourse and post-coital sessions. Discussing freely with your partner may solve many of the problems as understanding helps to lenthen the time.- Coitus interrupt meaning to have sex and stop the activity for sometime before you ejaculate. calm down, start all over again helps a lot.- Sex is all in the brains and the spine they say- I hope you understand what I mean by.This simply means if you are free of all your tensions, worries and anxiety, the timing improves well.-Try all different positions, situations, places, something is going to help you surely.I hope this answer helps you to solve your problem.All these things are simply to avoid any medicines.You may consult a Sexologist or an Urologist if all the above measures fail.