Unspecific nail discolouration (yellow bands on top of nails)

Patient: Hello,My question is regarding my nails. In the past couple of months I’ve developed nail discolourations on all my nails and it is getting worse. The problem quite unspecific and I couldn’t find any information that is similar to what’s happening in my case.I have developed yellowish bands on top of all my nails just before the nail grows out, also a lot of dark discolouration started appearing on many of my nails. Whenever I cut my nails just under those discoloured bands the nail becomes very red and many times after cutting them splinter haemorrhages appear (which have been appearing apart from that on my nails on a regular basis for over a year).I have attached photos showing what these discolourations look like on couple of my nails.Thank you very much for any information you may be able to provide me on that matter.

Symptoms: discoloured nails

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